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Classic Season of Mastery Patch 1.14.1 Build 40800 - Hardcore Achievements, Blessing of Theradras, Thief!

Blizzard has just pushed Classic Season of Mastery Patch 1.14.1 Build 40800, which we've datamined new or changed Spell IDs. Some of these new or changed spells might leave clues to what they are about, which we speculate might have to do with Hardcore achievements, changes to Princess Theradras in Maraudon, and a potential crack down on Blackrock Depths pickpocketing.






NEW   Increases the target's Intellect by 6 for 30 min.

Changes to Molten Core and Onyxia in Season of Mastery Beta

Blizzard has shared a Blue Post explaining their development choices around restoring mechanics to Raid Bosses for Season of Mastery. In an upcoming build on Thursday, there will be "significant adjustments" to almost every encounter in Molten Core and Onyxia's Lair.

Notorious Studios - New Video Game Startup From Former World of Warcraft Developers

Notorious Studios is a new video game startup company headlined by former World of Warcraft developers, including co-founder Chris Kaleiki, who left Blizzard after thirteen years in November 2020. The new studio has been named for the 17 year old gaming guild which many of the developers play together in, and will be focused on building the next great multiplayer RPG game world.

Classic Season of Mastery Beta Updates - Petrification Disabled, Server Tests, Disconnect Issues

Blizzard has released three Blue Posts detailing some changes to the Classic Season of Mastery Beta. Flask of Petrification has been disabled from the raid consumable vendor, Blizzard is looking into disconnect issues in capital cities, and the "Classic Era PTR" realm is only up temporarily for Blizzard to test background processes.