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The Burning Crusade Classic Internal Alpha Build Discovered

A Classic Burning Crusade Alpha build has been discovered! As this is an internal build (and thus encrypted), it will be only available to Blizzard employees, not available for public testing for the time being.

However, this does mean that internal testing of Classic Burning Crusade has officially begun!

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Fanbyte Weekly News Picks - Final Fantasy VII Remake, PlayStation VR, Anthem NEXT Canceled, Cyberpunk 2077 Patch Delayed

This week we’re back with another collection of news stories from the week at Fanbyte, Wowhead's sister site! What a week it was, too, as both Sony and The Pokemon Company had big announcements across multiple platforms. Ironically, while Sony had some big news about classic franchises, it also closed one of its most storied studios. There was also some weirdness on the classic PC gaming front as Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 continues to go through a troubled development.

How to Prepare for Burning Crusade Classic - What To Do In Advance of Launch

The Burning Crusade is on the horizon and many players are wanting to prove Illidan wrong, and actually be prepared. For some players, this could be as simple as having enough gold for Epic Flying right away. For others, this means having multiple alts at level 60 for Profession gold and stockpiling hundreds of Classic Profession materials to turn a profit after Classic Burning Crusade's release! App Catalog Updated for TBC Internal Alpha

We're one step closer to the Burning Crusade alpha with an update today on the App: the catalog has updated for the TBC Internal Alpha. This term refers to a version of the game only Blizzard employees can access, historically playable for several months before it opens up to public testing.