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Diablo Anime on Netflix and Overwatch Cartoon Reportedly In The Making

Diablo and Overwatch are both getting animated series based on them, according to the LinkedIn profile of Nick van Dyk, President of the film and television division of Activision Blizzard.

Nick van Dyk, who worked 9 years at Walt Disney Company as Senior Vice President Corporate Strategy & Business Development, arrived in 2014 to lead the Activision Blizzard Studio.

Wowhead's Artist's Corner and Giveaway - SkogDesigns

Welcome to the latest installment of our Artist's Corner series! Here at Wowhead we love art - drawing, painting, sculpting, woodworking, metalworking, jewelry making, papercrafting, badge making, everything under the sun.

In an effort to share what our wonderful community does, about once a month, we like to feature an artist and their craft.

Exit Portals Disabled in WoW Classic Warsong Gulch Due to Exploits

Blizzard will be disabling the exit portals from the Warsong Gulch battleground, due to players using these portals in unintended ways. If you want to leave the battleground, you will have to /afk.


In approximately two hours, we will deploy a hotfix to all WoW Classic realms that disables the exit portals from Warsong Gulch. Thereafter, players who need to exit the battleground will have to use the other means of doing so: /AFK.

Wild Bangarang WoW and Overwatch Clothing No Longer On Sale February 29th

Wild Bangarang, known for their fashionable licensed clothing, has created over 60 pieces of Warcraft and Overwatch apparel. However, as Blizzard has shifted their merchandise operations from the Gear Shop to Fanatics, their licensing agreement has come to an end and Wild Bangarang can no longer sell these designs from their own shop as of February 29th, 2020.