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Call of Duty Devs Walkout After Surprise Layoffs at Activision Blizzard's Raven Software

Activision Blizzard was beset by layoffs, outrage, and a slight silver lining over this past weekend, after about a dozen temporary employees from Call of Duty development studio Raven Software were surprised to find that their contracts would not be extended into the new year.

Geoff Keighley Rethinking Activision Blizzard Involvement at The Game Awards 2021

The Game Awards are advised by a board of several major companies across the gaming industry, including Activision President Rob Kostich (not to be confused with CEO Bobby Kotick), but now host Geoff Keighley is rethinking the event's involvement with Activision Blizzard in light of recent controversy, joining a growing list of industry professionals expressing concern regarding their relationship with the video game publisher.

Blizzard Continuing to Fix Season of Mastery PvP Ranks - Realm Restarts Expected

Blizzard has posted an update regarding Season of Mastery PvP rank adjustments after an error in rank point distribution was discovered earlier this week, resulting in some players obtaining the wrong PvP ranks. While many players have already been updated and Blizzard indicated that most of the ranks have now been corrected, they expect several more hours before fixes are finished and some realms may be restarted tomorrow to speed things up.

Lionheart (AU) Season of Mastery Realm Back Online & Disruptions Reversed

Earlier today, Blizzard took the Lionheart (AU) Classic Season of Mastery realm offline after it was discovered that players were able to transfer Eternal Classic characters over to the realm - allowing fully Naxxramas geared characters to wreck havoc on the Season of Mastery's economy and PvP. About 20 minutes ago, the realm has been brought back online, with Blizzard announcing that transferred characters were being returned to their origin and their disruptive actions reversed.