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Hands-On Build & Review with the Diablo IV Collection Secretlab Gaming Chairs — Sweepstakes

Blizzard and Secretlab have teamed up once again to produce the perfect gaming chair, this time for Diablo IV players. Known for quality and comfort, these gorgeous Lilith and Inarius TITAN Evo Diablo IV Collection thrones are just the place for discerning demon slayers to park their butts. Check out our review below and enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win one of your own!

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Brian Holinka Leaving Blizzard This Friday to Join Greg Street at Unnamed Independent Studio

After 11 years, Lead Combat Designer Brian Holinka has announced his departure from Blizzard Entertainment, sharing plans to begin a new adventure with former World of Warcraft Lead Systems Designer and Riot Games Executive Producer Greg Street (aka Ghostcrawler), who recently revealed his intent to form a new independent studio.

Wowhead Now Hiring - Dragonflight Augmentation Evoker Class Guide Writer

The Wowhead team is hiring an Augmentation Guide Writer for our Dragonflight Retail site. This is a paid opportunity, with reimbursement for any new content you create, as well as updates to existing pages.

Writer Opportunities<br>We are looking for a writer to create, update, and improve our initial Dragonflight Augmentation Evoker guides as well as write editorials about the continual development of this new class throughout the 10.1.5 PTR cycle and beyond.

Enemy Water Pathing Hotfix for WoW Classic

Blizzard has pushed a hotfix to WoW Classic Era Realms addressing enemy pathing in water. This fix is already live for NA Realms and will be deployed to EU Realms later this evening.

Hi Metsa,

Thanks for the report. We’ve been working to untangle this issue for quite some time, and are happy to report that we successfully deployed a fix this morning for realms in the US region that were affected by this.