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Classic Zul Gurub Clear with 20 Mages

The team behind the all-Mage Molten Core clear is back with an all-Mage clear of Classic Zul Gurub!

Classic Warcraft Logs - Hakkar, Jin'do, Mandokir

Similar to the Molten Core clear, the Mages got creative with the lack of tanks, creating a Tank Mage Build that relied on getting aggro after Ignite. The DPS Mages ran with a standard Fire build without Scorch.

WoW Classic Patch 1.13.6 is Live - Naxxramas Coming December 3rd

Patch 1.13.6 is now live in WoW Classic. Don't forget that Naxxramas releases a few days later on December 3rd.

The patch notes are in our WoW blog.While the bugfixes listed in the 1.13.6. patch notes are now effective, all of the new content included in today’s patch will become available at 2:00 p.m. PST (5:00 p.m. EST) on Thursday, December 3.This includes everything except the Argent Dawn questgiver who allows you to complete attunement to Naxxramas in advance.

World of Warcraft Classic Patch Notes: Version 1.13.6

WoW Classic Phase 6 launches tomorrow, December 1st, and Blizzard has posted the complete patch notes for this content update including bugfixes in a striking departure from "nochanges."

Don't forget, Naxxramas opens several days later on December 3rd!

ReadyRaider Gulch League Finals

In an ongoing Warsong Gulch League which lasted for a month, over twenty teams participated in the league, sending their best into the gulch to wage war with other teams. This weekend, the top six teams from the league will go head to head in a final double elimintation tournament to find out who is the best and crown a champion!

When & Where to Watch

The ReadyRaider Gulch League (NA) Finals Tournament (Hosted by Travala), will be broadcast by Rokman on Twitch, at https: