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Classic WoW Season of Mastery New and Updated Spells for Build 40818

A new Classic WoW Season of Mastery build has been pushed which includes many new spells that are likely new or updated mechanics for the harder raids!

Armageddon   Effect #1 NEW Effect #2 School Damage <br>Value: 100000 (SP mod: 1)

NEW   <br>Charge   Charges an enemy, inflicting 1312 Fire damage to the target and any other nearby enemies, as well as knocking them all back.

Dark Mending   Uses dark magic to heal an ally for 2774930000 damage.

NEW Effect #2 Heal <br>Value:

THIEF! Debuff on Classic Season of Mastery Beta

One of the updates in the latest build for the Classic Season of Mastery Beta is a new debuff called &quot;THIEF!&quot; which is likely to curb pick pocketing Rogue bots in Blackrock Depths. We've gone in and tested how the debuff works, breaking it down in this article.

&quot;THIEF!&quot; applies a 30 minute debuff, which prevents acquiring Silver from pick pocketing

While &quot;THIEF!

Classic Season of Mastery Beta Development Notes for Week 4

Blizzard has shared a Blue Post detailing the updates to the Classic Season of Mastery Beta, which includes additional guards in Alterac Valley, changes to Blackrock Depths to curb Pickpocketing, changes to Molten Core and Onyxia's Lair, and an accelerated Ranking System.

Week 4 of open Beta (October 27)

Many groups of Guard NPCs that were removed from Alterac Valley in patch 1.11 have been restored for Season of Mastery.

Vicarious Visions to Drop Name as Part of Merger With Blizzard Entertainment

Vicarious Visions, the Activision studio which merged into Blizzard Entertainment last January to replace the Classic Games Division and take over responsibility for Diablo II: Resurrected, will soon be dropping its name to reflect the permeance of its merger and support of Blizzard Entertainment games. While no new name has been announced, some speculate that it will be called Blizzard Albany to reflect their physical office location in Albany, New York.