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Season of Discovery Hotfixes April 23rd

In addition to the previously announced Class adjustments, Blizzard has released full patch notes for today's Hotfixes.

Hotfixes<br>April 23, 2023Season of Discovery

Players who have completed the quest “Warranty Claim” but have misplaced their Pristine G-7 C.O.R.E. Processor before handing in the quest “Salvaging the Salvagematic” may now speak with the Lost and Found vendor Rix Xizzix in Booty Bay to recover the misplaced quest item.

Hunter Adjustments Included in April 23rd Scheduled Maintenance

In addition to the previously announced Class adjustments, Blizzard has also announced adjustments that were made to the Hunter class as a part of today's scheduled maintenance.

This morning with scheduled weekly maintenance, in addition to previously-planned adjustments to other classes, we deployed several changes to Hunters in Season of Discovery.Hunter

Rapid Killing now reduces the cooldown of Rapid Fire by 80% (was a reduction of 2 minutes).

Damage Reduction Test for PvP in SoD - Global Reduction Aura

Blizzard has announced the implementation of a global damage reduction aura in PvP to test methods for mitigating damage scaling in Season of Discovery. While this aura is temporary, only lasting until April 30th, Blizzard is definitely looking for feedback - so check out some PvP this weekend!

Hello, Classic PvPers!This coming weekend, we will test an adjustment to Player versus Player combat in Season of Discovery.

Alliance vs Horde: Faction Strengths and Weaknesses in Season of Discovery

World of Warcraft Classic's Season of Discovery has brought many changes into the Classic world, including new raids, items, and a whole lot of new class spells through the rune system, but some things truly never change. It is always a debate whether the Horde or Alliance are the most powerful faction. In this article, we'll examine the strengths, weaknesses, and differences of the two factions in Season of Discovery.