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How to Get Darkmoon Faire Storage Box 14 Slot Bag - Season of Discovery

In Season of Discovery Phase 1, bags can be quite hard to come by. One of the best bags you can obtain this phase is 14 slots, such as the Bottomless Murloc Skin Bag from Gelihast in the new Blackfathom Deeps Raid. With the Darkmoon Faire being in Thunder Bluff for the first time in Season of Discovery, some players have noticed that the Darkmoon Storage Box is available and also 14-slots!

Hunters Can Tame Wyverns - Season of Discovery

New surprises are discovered every day in Season of Discovery, and one Hunter Rune in particular did more than just unlock a new Spell - it unlocked the ability for Hunters to tame their own Wyvern.

The Young Pridewing in the Stonetalon Mountains can now be tamed!

How to Tame Your Wyvern

First thing's first: How do you unlock the ability to tame a Wyvern?

It's all connected to the Rune of Kill Command, which has a quest chain that rewards the a Wyvern Taming Wand.

Blackfathom Deeps Boss Loot Guide - Season of Discovery

Data has been incoming to our database for items off of the new Level-Up Raid bosses inside Blackfathom Deeps, thanks to users uploading game data the Wowhead Client. You can now view our Blackfathom Deeps Loot Guide below, as well as the boss NPC pages on that show drop data.

Ashenvale Mount Now Available at Friendly - Season of Discovery

The Ashenvale Exclusive Mounts in Season of Discovery can now be purchased for 10 gold once you reach Friendly with the Warsong Gulch Reputations. This Reputation can be earned in Warsong Gulch or through the new Ashenvale World PvP event, which just received some hotfixes. Credit to Bean on Twitch for this discovery!