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This Week in WoW - Classic Hardcore Self-Found Launches February 29th

This week in WoW, the Dragonflight Mythic Dungeon International continues on February 23rd and Classic Hardcore Self-Found goes live on February 29th!

Each week we look ahead to what's in store for World of Warcraft, share the latest news, and keep you in the know byte by byte. Prepare for WoW Hardcore Self-Found Mode when it goes live on February 29.

Gnomeregan Raid Lockout Issue FIXED - Season of Discovery

Players have noticed there is an issue with Gnomeregan Raid Lockout changing to the new 3-day lockout, where some players were unable to do the current reset. Blizzard is currently investigating the issue and hopefully will have a fix implemented soon.

As of today for NA Realms, Gnomeregan should have reset and will reset again in 2 days, matching the lockouts of Classic Era's Zul'Gurub, AQ20, and Season of Discovery's Blackfathom Deeps. This was explained previously in a Blue Post.

Analyzing Gnomeregan Boss Armor and Resistances - Season of Discovery

During Season of Discovery Phase 1, players thinking about Phase 2 were concerned that many of the mechanical bosses in the Gnomeregan raid would be immune to bleed and poison effects. If they were, that would invalidate many beloved runes and character specializations. Blizzard recently stated that none of the bosses would be immune but that some would have increased resistance to those types of effects.

Gnomeregan Boss Strategy Guides on Wowhead - Season of Discovery

We've prepared Boss Strategy Guides for Gnomeregan, the new Level-Up Raid introduced in Season of Discovery Phase 2! These guides will help prepare your 10-player raid group to defeat each boss in Gnomeregan, which has been redesigned for Season of Discovery with entirely new boss encounters and mechanics!