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The best decisions in gaming are made on data

Whether it's about buying that item we always wanted, or finding ways to improve our playstyle. NexusHub is about bringing that data to you, regardless if you're a mighty pro gamer or a casual in it for the fun.

Who we are

We're a small group of gamers from all over the world, building NexusHub in our spare time. Starting out as casual players who made a bot to monitor Warframe's trade chat, we have grown into a diverse community of open source developers, persisting in our mission to simply make games more accessible for everyone.

People ❤️ NexusHub

Our platform has been growing continously since day one, so it seems we're doing things right.

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Wanna help us build NexusHub?

NexusHub is entirely developed by community members of the games we support, so if you wanna make some awesome feature for the platform, we'd happily have you join our team.

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