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Classic Speed Record: Onyxia in 58 Seconds with 33 Hunters

Only a day after an all naked raid group took down Onyxia, the daughter of Deathwing has been bullied once again as a raid group from <Fully Exposed> on Herod-US has set a new world speed record, slaying the dragon in 58.73 seconds! Bringing a very stacked raid group of 33 Hunters in order to burn through the bosses time in the air during phase 2 as quickly as possible, she had just enough time to cast Bellowing Roar before falling to the combined barrage.

Onyxia Defeated by Naked Raid Group in Classic WoW

Have you ever been so angry that you decided to punch a dragon? This group has proven this is a good strategy and defeated Onyxia without any Armor, Weapons, Rings, or Trinkets equipped.

The raid group used a caster (Frost Mage) heavy composition, having melee only to provide buffs and tank (Paladins). Casters aren't that affected by losing their weapons, unlike melee and hunters. Plus, it accelerates Phase 2 when everyone can hit Onyxia during that Phase.

Players in CN/TW/KR Regions Get Panda Cub on WoW Classic from 6 Months of Game Time Promotion

Players in CN/TW/KR regions, upon purchasing the 6 months of game time promotional bundle that includes the Steamscale Incinerator mount, will also receive the Panda Cub pet for use on WoW Classic.

This pet is not available as part of the US and EU promotions.

The Panda Collar was one of the original World of Warcraft Collector Edition pets, alongside the Zergling Leash and Diablo Stone, so making this exclusive item available through a popular promotion is a big deal.

July 8th Classic Hotfixes - Time Based Instance Limit Now Character Based

Blizzard has hotfixed Classic servers to change how the new instance time locks work, changing them to be character-specific.

Now the 30 instances per day limit is only upheld per character and not account-wide. This change makes this anti-bot measure less restrictive to legitimate players, while still being restrictive to bot accounts, according to Blizzard.

Time-based instance limits are now enforced per-character.<br>Developers’ notes: