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Gong Ringing Soon in WoW Classic - Blizzard Reveals Which Servers Completed the AQ War Effort in First Reset

Blizzard released blue posts talking about the Ahn'Qiraj War Effort turn-ins on US and EU servers. Five US servers and four EU servers are able to bang the gong after their weekly reset!

The respective US and EU realms that have completed the War Effort and will be able to bang the Scarab Gong at reset, in order of completion, are:

US: Sulfuras, Skeram, Incendius, Netherwind, Earthfury

EU: Golemagg, Firemaw, Mograine, Earthshaker

Is your realm still working on the War Effort?

Chinese Raiders Able to Enter WoW Classic AQ40 Before the Ten Hour War Ends

With Chinese Classic WoW servers resetting earlier than the rest of the world, they've already managed to ring the gong and begin the Ten Hour War event in which the Qiraji forces storm out of the Temple to face the Might of Kalimdor.

Bloomberg Report Reveals Blizzard Employees Are Underpaid

Frustrated by wage disparities and poor compensation, Blizzard employees have started a spreadsheet documenting their underwhelming salaries and pay increases, as reported by Jason Schreier for Bloomberg News.

One employee then created a spreadsheet and encouraged staff to share their compensation information. The anonymous document, reviewed by Bloomberg News, contains dozens of purported Blizzard salaries and pay bumps.

Blizzard Clarifies How Proc and GCD Interactions Work in WoW Classic

Following up their previous discussion, Blizzard added a new post to discuss about how the GCD affects proc effects in Classic WoW. In the post, Blizzard clarifies that while the result they shared was correct previously, the reasoning was wrong, being way simpler than previously thought.

Thanks everyone for the additional reports and commentary about this over the past few days.