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Gear Check From Anywhere with "GearCheck" Weak Aura in Burning Crusade Classic

In Burning Crusade Classic, many players are joining "pug" groups formed through Trade Chat and LookingForGroup Channels, for raids, heroics, or normal dungeons. If all players in the group have the "GearCheck" Weak Aura, they can share their equipped gear in party chat, as a clickable link, allowing the rest of the group to inspect that player's gear from anywhere.

Prayer of Mending Behavior - Burning Crusade Classic Hotfixes for June 18th

In the latest round of Burning Crusade hotfixes, the behavior for Prayer of Mending was adjusted, the quests Deathblow to the Legion and Turning Point were fixed, and you should acquire Halaa Battle Tokens normally now.

Area 52 Bruisers are no longer shirking their job duties and will now intervene to break up nearby fights.

Fixed an issue where repeatedly clicking a Soulwell would unintentionally consume additional charges under certain conditions.

Burning Crusade Classic Arena Tournament Interview on Gaming Verdict

Adrian "Healingstat" Archer-Lock and Anthony Vitale spoke with Gaming Verdict about the launch of Burning Crusade Classic, how different Arena is in 2021 versus 2007, Tornados in Nagrand, the OTK Asmongold Invitational tournament, and the upcoming Burning Crusade Classic Arena Tournament.

Blizzard on Season 2 PvP Arena Ring Bug and Resolution in TBC Classic

Blizzard has commented on the bug that occurred earlier in this week, which allowed 81 players to buy Season 2 Arena rings in Burning Crusade Classic, noting that they are in the process of removing and refunding the purchases.