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World of Warcraft: Classic announced!

We're very happy to announce the launch of a Classic WoW Auction House database and website that we've spent the last few months working on together with TradeSkillMaster!

Through NexusHub, you can monitor and report on current item prices on the Classic WoW Auction House as well as dive in to pricing history for all realms and factions in both regions, completely free. With this data we're also able to offer estimated Crafting profits and material price information for your convenience.

In addition, the entire database is available in a fully open and free API to integrate in your gold-making spreadsheets, apps or services.

We're keen to continue working with TSM and integrating related or requested features on to the site (think having the website notice you when an item hits your sniper price without having to monitor the AH in-game).

You can access the site on desktop and mobile via or

Please share your feedback and questions, we are very excited to hear how you make use of this new tool!