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Expanding the Development Pipeline of World of Warcraft Bluepost

Following the news that Blizzard Entertainment had acquired the Spellbreak development studio Proletariat, Warcraft General Manager John Hight has shared the official announcement and a short blog post regarding the future of World of Warcraft content development.

John Hight, General Manager of Warcraft<br>Hello, World of Warcraft community!

Blizzard Summertime Reading & Listening Recommendations

With summer upon us, many gamers will seek added ways to keep up on their favorite franchises while enjoying time outdoors. Fans can now consider the latest slate of novel, comic, soundtrack, and other offerings from Blizzard’s Overwatch®, Warcraft, and Diablo® universes as they spend time under the sun or chilling in the shade!

Please take a moment to consider our recommendations below:


The Art of Hearthstone, Volume 5:

Naxxramas Testing Clarifications on Season of Mastery

Blizzard has shared a Development Update, clarifying some information regarding the testing in Naxxramas on Season of Mastery.

Hi All,Wanted to pop in and provide a bit of clarification on what is new for Naxxramas in the SoM PTR. I don’t want to fully spoil all the things but wanted to at least give you some info to get you rolling.The main thing to watch out for in Naxx is new quests offered by Archmage Tarsis Kir-Moldir near the entrance between the spider and military quarters:

World of Warcraft: Complete Collection Now Available

Blizzard is now offering the World of Warcraft: Complete Collection bundle, which includes the Heroic Edition of Shadowlands and the Heroic Edition of the upcoming Dragonflight expansion.

Purchase the World of Warcraft: Complete Collection

The Heroic Edition will cost $109.99, granting access to Classic and Shadowlands, two character boosts at Level 50 and Level 60, Shadowlands Heroic Edition, and Dragonflight Heroic Edition.