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Blizzard Has Banned 40,000 More WoW Classic Accounts Since June 17th

Following the massive banwave earlier in the month, Blizzard has banned over 40,000 more accounts since June 17th.

The damage caused by botting and RMT has been extensively documented across Reddit and other feedback avenues recently, including Classic WoW and Retail WoW in China.

List of Nature Resist Pieces NOT Coming with Phase 5

Blizzard has released a list of Nature Resist pieces that ARE NOT coming with Phase 5 and the Ahn'Qiraj War Effort. These pieces were introduced in Naxx to help guilds clear AQ40, so they don't have a place in P5 at the start. Blizzard is evaluating when to add them.

Overall, the nature-resist gear that was released in original WoW in patch 1.11 was catch-up gear.

Classic Phase 5 Arrives July 28 - Scepter of Shifting Sands and War Effort

Blizzard has announced that the Ahn'Qiraj content will arrive in Classic July 28th. At that date, the Scepter of the Shifting Sands questline will become available and the War Effort will begin.

Wowhead Pride Pin & Fundraiser to Benefit The Trevor Project + more new pins!

This month we're excited to release four new collectible pins to the Wowhead Shop! Each of these four new pins are limited edition (we won't be making multiple runs) and are only for pre-order. We estimate shipments will be sent out by August 2020. If you include any non-pre-order items in your purchase they will be shipped with the pre-orders. Visit the shop directly to view everything available for sale.