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Datamining Hints at Achievements on Classic Era Public Test Realm

A new update was pushed to the World of Warcraft Classic Public Test Realm with interesting internal data pointing to statistics and achievement-tracking criteria for Classic Era servers.

Achievement Criteria<br>The Achievement_Category.db2 file was updated with Classic Era categories such as Mounts, Dungeons &amp; Raids, and Feats of Strength.

This same file on the Burning Crusade beta was updated with a &quot;TBC&quot; category.

Why the Blacksmithing Weapon Change has Melee Players Upset

In the most recent update to the Burning Crusade Classic Beta, Drakefist Hammer is now listed as a main hand only weapon, no longer being dual wieldable as a one-handed weapon, reverting to its pre-2.4.2 state. Many melee players are not happy about this and we explain why this is a controversial change.

Ouro deleting both of his Drakefist Hammers, in protest.

Fanbyte Weekly News Picks - Outriders Success, Build-A-Bear Animal Crossing Oops

Welcome back to another news roundup by Fanbyte: Wowhead sister site and Palm Pre historical archive (I guess). Specifically speaking, this edition is brought to you by Fanbyte News Editor Imran Khan, who also wrote most of the stories featured here. Luckily it’s mostly good news this week. Or at the very least confusing in a completely non-threatening way.

New Update on Burning Crusade Beta - Instant Level 70 Realm, Item Changes, Vendors Removed

Blizzard just pushed an update to the Burning Crusade Classic Beta, adding an entirely new realm called &quot;Badge of Justice&quot;, which contains level 70 premade characters.

New Realm on the Beta

For about 5 minutes total, the new realm was live and players were able to create instant level 70 characters. These characters came with a 60% Flying Mount, Dungeon Blue gear which isn't enchanted or with gems, as well as very limited choices on weapons and trinkets.