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Former Blizzard Employees Speak Up About Activision Blizzard

Many Blizzard Employees have been taking to Twitter to condemn Activision Blizzard's official responses to the discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuit that the company is facing. Many former employees have also spoken up as well, detailing unacceptable behaviour they witnessed and experienced during their time at the company.

Burning Crusade Classic Arena Points Formula Adjusted to Increase Amount Awarded Each Week

The formula for Arena Points in Burning Crusade Classic has been adjusted to increase Arena Points awarded each week.

In the original Burning Crusade, teams would start at 1500 rating and with teams starting at 0 Rating in Burning Crusade Classic, the Point calculation was a bit unfavorable for lower rated teams. This upcoming change will be a welcome addition for players looking to dip their toe into the Arena.

Activision Zoom Meeting with Employees Doubles Down on Appalling Official Statement

In sharp contrast to the open letter criticizing Activision's official statement, Activision leadership held a dissatisfying Zoom meeting with employees today, which called Fran Townsend's poorly received message an "apology" and stated the corporate headquarters intent to fight against the California lawsuit.

Activision Blizzard Employees Publish Open Letter Criticizing Activision's Official Statement on the Lawsuit

Over 800 Activision Blizzard employees have signed an open letter to leadership criticizing the official statement on the lawsuit, calling it "abhorrent and insulting," and demanding one that reflects the seriousness of the allegations. This letter has been sent to various news outlets like Polygon and Bloomberg.