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Wowhead's Dragonflight Launch Sweepstakes

Dragonflight is now live! As a result, we have a larger than usual sweepstakes to offer our valued community. There's just over 50 prizes available including a first of its kind Secretlab TITAN Wowhead-themed Gaming Chair! This chair has only been available to employees in the past, but we've decided to throw one out there to the community in celebration of Dragonflight!

Dragonflight Expansion Overview<br>To enter, create or login to an account via the Gleam widget below.

Best Black Friday Deals for WoW and Blizzard Fans - Gamer Holiday Gift Guide 2022

It's the season of shopping again for most and that means it's time for Wowhead's Black Friday deals post! We've looked around to see what sort of deals we feel are the most interesting to Warcraft and Blizzard fans alike, ranging from Blizzard games and toys to computer parts and apparel. We hope you find something that you can either gift to a family member, friend, or to yourself!

If you found any good deals you'd like to share, leave them in the comments!

Further Statements from NetEase - Dragonflight Will Launch on Schedule

Following Activision Blizzard's announcement that services in China would be shut down, further statements from NetEase clarify that Dragonflight will still launch on schedule and be available for play until the licensing agreement expires on January 23rd, while promising to continue negotiations to the greatest extent possible. Both have been translated below.

NetEase Response and Impact of Blizzard Shutdown in China

Local publishing partner NetEase has issued a response following Activision Blizzard's announcement that game services in China would be shutdown this coming January, and we're examining the leadup and impact of the tumultuous decision which will impact hundreds of thousands of Chinese players.