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Upcoming Black Lotus and Warsong Gulch Hotfixes

Blizzard has announced several upcoming hotfixes for WoW Classic, focused on improving the spawn rate of Black Lotus and hindering WSG exploits.


Via hotfixes, we're working on several quality-of-life improvements that should go live in the next few days.

Black Lotus scarcity has been consistently among the top issues we've seen player feedback about, so we've decided to update how we handle Black Lotus spawns.

BlizzCon 2020 Cancelled - Possible Virtual Event Early 2021

Blizzard has officially announced that there won't be an edition of BlizzCon in 2020 in the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic. However, they are planning an event for early 2021 to have in its place.

Hello Blizzard community,

Several weeks ago, I shared an update about our uncertainty around holding BlizzCon this year. Since then, a lot has changed . . . and a lot also hasn’t changed.

Player Levels to 60 Only Killing Boars in Classic WoW, Inspired by South Park

A player in Classic WoW has finally gone through the same journey to level cap as the South Park children once did. YouTuber Dr Five managed to level all the way to level 60 only by killing boars! Thanks to the Classic WoW subreddit for the tip.

This project is a tribute to the South Park episode "Make Love, Not Warcraft." In this episode, there is a plan to level up solely by killing boars in Elwynn Forest.

Classic Layering Being Disabled Today for US Realms - Transfer Restrictions Staying

Blizzard has published a blue post announcing that Layers are being disabled in Classic for US realms. Layers were re-enabled a couple of weeks ago to fight long queue times.

At this time, we’re contracting from two layers to one on all realms in this region that were layered.

As we’ve constantly watched and analyzed realm populations over the last few weeks, we’ve seen enough of a recent trend to justify returning to the intended population arrangement for each realm.