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Blizzard Plans to Fix Improved Weapon Totems Bug - Party Should Benefit from Increased Attack Power

Blizzard has announced they will fix the talent bug in a future Classic update, allowing everyone in the party to benefit from the increased attack power gain which could have a significant impact on melee compositions.

While the current talent behavior is consistent with vanilla, Blizzard has decided to fix the bug as it was documented during vanilla and fixed in early Burning Crusade.

Mike Morhaime Announces New Game Company: Dreamhaven

Co-founder and former Blizzard Entertainment President Mike Morhaime announced the launch of Dreamhaven, a new games development company based in Irvine, California which will provide guidance, support, and funding to subsidiary game development studios. The two initial studios, Moonshot Games and Secret Door, are similarly staffed by Blizzard alumni including Jason Chayes, Dustin Browder, Ben Thompson, Chris Sigaty, Alan Dabiri, and Eric Dodds.

Warcraft 2 Movie Unconfirmed Rumors

Rumors about a possible Warcraft 2 movie have been flying around the WoW community for a few days now. The movie might actually be a reality, as Blizzard legend Chris Metzen has tweeted about it!

Please be mindful that this is not confirmation that a movie is officially in the works, as Metzen tweeted soon later mentioning that he's just passing along what he saw.

The article linked by Chris Metzen comes from MovieWeb, a reputable entertainment website.

BlizzConline is February 19-20, 2021 - Virtual BlizzCon Event

BlizzConline is February 19th and 20th, 2021. This virtual convention hopes to capture the BlizzCon community spirit after BlizzCon 2020 was cancelled due to the pandemic. Many events you're familiar with from BlizzCon are returning in virtual form!

The deadlines for the Talent Contest, Cosplay Contest, Digital Storytelling, March of the Murlocs participation, art contest, and cosplay exhibition are January 4, 2021. As an added bonus, pets can participate in the cosplay exhibition this year!