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Spit Emote Removed on Burning Crusade Classic PTR

On the Patch 2.5.2 Burning Crusade Classic PTR, the Spit Emote has been removed. Players can still "/spit" on the ground, but if used while targeting another player, the emote does nothing.

This change came quietly, without any accompanying Blue Post or reasoning as to why this was implemented. Many players are speculating that this might stem from players being cyber bullied for purchasing the Burning Crusade Deluxe Edition and riding around on the .

Photos from the #ActiBlizzWalkout Protests - Employees and Players Rally Together

Employees and players gathered on Wednesday, July 28, to stage a walkout in protest of the official handling of the discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuit that Activision Blizzard is facing, and to call for an improvement in working conditions for employees, especially those from marginalized groups.

Wowhead has been given permission to publish the following images from the walkout.

Engineering Epic Goggle Recipes on the Burning Crusade Classic PTR

On the Patch 2.5.2 PTR for Burning Crusade Classic, the Engineering Epic Goggle Recipes are available for testing.

Recipes for the Engineering Epic Goggles can be trained from any Master Engineering Trainer in Outland. The trainers nearest Shattrath are Zebig in Thrallmar or Lebowski in Honor Hold. The Engineering Epic Goggles are some of the best helm pieces in Phase 2 for many classes and are a welcome addition for Engineers.

Druid's Swift Flight Form Coming in Phase 2 of Burning Crusade Classic

On the Patch 2.5.2 PTR for Burning Crusade Classic, the Druid Travel Form Quest Chain is available for testing.

To begin the quest chain, the Druid needs to be level 70 with 300 Riding Trained.