Rhino Prime Helmet Rhino Prime Helmet

Rhino Prime Helmet

Skins Prime

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The standard issue helmet for the Rhino Prime Warframe.

Recent Changes

Hotfix 18.4.12: Saryn Prime


Infested Sorties will no longer generate Hijack Sortie Missions because their tiny baby claws are too small to reach the core.Convergence will always spawn moving towards an objective to help reduce unnecessary backtracking.Gravity has been disabled for Convergence pickups, keeping their appearance predictable..Steel Meridian’s General Sacrifice has been changed from Rhino Prime Helmet to Trinity Prime Helmet.The Rift and its interaction with hacking terminals has now been consistently applied to be not-hackable. You may have noticed the inconsistency in Rifted targets ability to interact with hacking panels. While his Rift-based skillset does offer some unique opportunities for players one major issue discussed within the community has been determining what are the 'rules' Limbo's Riftwalking follows. Keeping this in mind players can expect future updates to contain adjustments to Limbo, enemies, and interactable elements of the environment, to help make playing Limbo a more consistent experience.  We will continue to monitor Limbo's unique interactive mechanic and its effect on gameplay, and will let you know should any other changes be necessary. Stay tuned for a Dev Workshop!

Update 13: Dark Sectors


Fixed the Rhino Prime Helmet description appearing incorrectly.

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