Client Packages

Setup - Node.js


      npm i nexushub-client

Setting up the Client

      const Nexus = require('nexushub-client')
const nexus = new Nexus({


user_key can be found in your profile, while user_secret is your password. User accounts are not required at this point, but will give access to certain endpoints concerning your own user data at a later date.

Basic Usage

GET example

      const res = await nexus.get('/foo') // Returns 'bar'

POST, DELETE, etc example

      const res = await'/post', someObject) // Returns the object

Pub/Sub example

      nexus.subscribe('/warframe/v1/orders/opm', opm => {
  console.log(opm) // Logs orders per minute every time a new order comes in.


Advanced usage

For full docs, check out the official Github repo.